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Original 'Aachener Printe' with Ruby Chocolate and Raspberry

Original 'Aachener Printe' with Ruby Chocolate and Raspberry

7,45 €

Heavenly soft ,and fruity. Aachener Printen wrapped in luxurious Ruby chocolate and topped ,with freeze-dried raspberries for an extra fruity finish. ,
 ,The 'Aachener Printe' is a typical German Christmas biscuit. ,A special blend of herbs and spices including anise, coriander, cinnamon, cloves and pimento ,gives them their wonderful and ,irresistable aromatic flavour. ,
Bruns Printen has been an artisanal family bakery ,for generations. All the products are handmade with top quality ingredients and without any preservatives.
Martina Bruns and her husband have a house in Nezignan l'Evêque and we had a chance to taste their lovely produce ,this summer and we really enjoyed everything. ,
The prints are packed in a cellophane bag and make a ,beautiful and special , ,gift ,
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