Original Aachener Printen wrapped in finest milk chocolate and covered with chunky pieces of almond. Crunchy almonds, heavenly soft spiced buiscuit...


The 'Aachener Printe' is a typical German Christmas biscuit. A special blend of herbs and spices including anise, coriander, cinnamon, cloves and pimento gives them their wonderful and irresistable aromatic flavour. 

Bruns Printen has been an artisanal family bakery for generations. All the products are handmade with top quality ingredients and without any preservatives.

Martina Bruns and her husband have a house in Nezignan l'Evêque and we had a chance to taste their lovely produce this summer and we really enjoyed everything. 


The Printen are packed in a cellophane bag and make a beautiful gift 




Original 'Aachener Printe' with Almonds and Milk Chocolate

6,25 €Price

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