Our Wines

We take great care when choosing our wines. Here are the three golden rules that we apply when sourcing:


1. We only stock wines produced by small and medium-sized independent vineyards. Like all good wine shops, we're always looking for that special wine that astonishes, and we certainly have some of them. Our loyal clients soon sniff them out, and our most popular wines are often these special products from little-known domains.

2. We give priority to ORGANIC, BIODYNAMIC & NATURAL wines. Over half of our range of wines is currently organic, biodynamic or natural, and our goal is for this to be up to 75% by the end of 2018.

3. We give priority to wines which we consider to be great value for money. Our wines start at only €4 per bottle and go up to €30 and beyond. However, we spend a lot of time sourcing wines in the €6 to €12 price range, which is where we think that the Languedoc's best value is to be found. But if you wish to spend a bit more on something special, then we can satisfy you there too.

So, an ideal wine for us is organic, from a small producer, and great value for money!

Our range evolves continually, and we try to use new wines in our monthly tastings to introduce them to our clients. You can find out more about our tastings on our What's On Page

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