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You've Never Had it So Good!

Lundi 01 Juin 2020

For wine lovers, we are living through an incredible period. And I don't mean Covid...

You've Never Had it So Good!
For wine drinkers down here in the Languedoc we are living through truly exceptional times. I'm not referring to any virus or political machinations here. I simply think that it's worth flagging up the fact that wine has never been better, and the choice that we have is quite remarkable.Over the past 30 years, cheap vine lands, given up on by cooperative growers have been snapped up by aspiring or confirmed vignerons from all over the world. Exempt from the bulk wine world of the coops, and having to fight their own corner in an incredibly competitive market, the quality of wine in the Languedoc has improved exponentially. Old Carignan vineyards, destined to be grubbed up have been lovingly pruned, slashing the yield and revealing qualities in the resulting wine that nobody could have dreamed of. Syrah from the northern Rhone has become the backbone of red wine production, offering an elegance in the best wines that not so long ago would have been considered impossible.White wines have progressed from coop 5 litre plastic buckets of tasteless stuff to some staggeringly good wines, full of complexity and ageing potential. Oak-aged Chardonnays in Limoux are undoubtedly some of the best outside Burgundy, and represent exceptional value for money (coming soon!). Rosés have become lighter, fresher and altogether more headache-proof as new technology has allowed winemakers to micro-manage production and eliminate potential faults. There is now a battery of analyses that can be undertaken to make sure that the harvest takes place at exactly the right time to ensure the acidity/sugar balance.The Languedoc is France's number one region in terms of organic production. In fact, according to 2018 figures, 40% of total production in the Faugères appellation was organic or in the conversion process, as were 60% of the independent producers.I could go on, but it really is a great time to be trying new wines in the Languedoc. When did you last have a really bad bottle?Talking of organic producers, we're adding two new wines from our Organic Bag In Box producer Domaine de Coste Rousse in Magalas this week. There is an oaked Chardonnay-Viognier blend which has developed since harvest in 2017 and is now showing a wonderful balance between the fruit, acidity and alcohol. Ideal with white meats. The red which is a 2015 Syrah Grenache, has again been aged in oak, and is full of coffee notes, dark fruit and garrigue spice. Definitely one to pair with strong flavours! They are both great examples of the phenomenal value that the Languedoc keeps offering up. White and red are €9.50 per bottle. 

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